This finale hits like a sucker punch. Everything and everyone is in play. Jefferson, Gambi, and the family, are hiding out in a cabin in the Freeland woods, recovering. Gambi is still pretty banged up from a beating he got a few episodes back, and Jefferson died last episode. But Jennifer, who used her electricity […]

GOTHAM Review: The Joke Is On All Of Us

So, as it turns out, Jerome isn’t The Joker, his identical twin Jeremiah is. You know Jeremiah, right? He’s the character that appeared out of nowhere a few episodes ago, apparently to allow the Producers to save face. Remember, they told us that Jerome was not going to be The Joker. But guess what? Jerome […]

NETFLIX’s LOST IN SPACE: Available Now!!!

Danger Will Robinson, the Lost In Space reboot is Available now, and it’s good.  But that new creepy alien robot may not be an appropriate playmate for a kid.  You better check its references, I’m just saying.  And we got a glimpse of the real Doctor Smith, before Parker Posey stole his identity, and it […]