THE FLASH Ep.5: Quick Review & Promo Teaser

‘RAG DOLL’ – It was a very cool episode because they hired a real contortionist to play Rag Doll. Making him a very interesting and scary guy. Unfortunately though, they didn’t give him much to do.  The Flash was more character driven than Villain driven this time out, but I didn’t mind.  They finally took […]


Not much to say about the Poster.  It’s got everything you’d expect; a circus motif & a flying baby elephant.  But there’s no little mouse, and no sign of crows. And it looks pretty tame for a Tim Burton film. Though 1st looks can be deceiving… What do you think?


Here’s a preview trailer for season 5, the final season of GOTHAM… Most of the good citizens of Gotham were evacuated last season, and now the bad guys rule the city. But there is still hope for the doomed metropolis.  Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne are kicking ass and taking names.  And at some point […]

AFI Fest Review: Family – Sha-la-la-la

Hollywood loves to sell this idea that family is great and everyone should abandon their competitive careers and just embrace their insular world of relatives. That’s a really good way to discourage ambitious people from making it to the top. It takes an indie film like Family to say, “No, family’s not going to change […]

AFI Fest Review: Roma – Love Letter To Cleo

Roma is Alfonso Cuaron’s love letter to his mother’s coping under pressure, and his housekeeper’s quiet strength. It is based on his life growing up in Mexico and fees every bit as personal. Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio) works for Sra. Sofia (Marina de Tavira)’s family. When Sofia’s husband leaves her, Cleo ends up holding the family […]

AQUAMAN: Behind The Scene Featurette

I usually don’t like to watch Behind the Scene features for a film I haven’t seen yet.  But I am so excited for this movie, I had to watch.  And it was pretty good about not giving too much away.  The Director and Cast talk about the film enthusiastically, and what it was like to […]

Final Score Blu-ray Review

Dave Bautista makes a great action hero, but so far the only true vehicle for him has been Final Score. This Die Hard in a stadium (and therefore Sudden Death with soccer) is the kind of solid high concept action movie we need more of. Final Score is your classic story of a veteran (Bautista) […]