ARROW: Elseworlds Pt.2 Review + Pt.3 Promo

No Superman, not enough Batwoman, and too much character clutter. Elseworlds Part-2 went off the rails by packing too much stuff into one episode, which didn’t really give each story element enough time to properly develop.  Batwoman’s appearance felt more like a cameo than a plot point, and Team Arrow joined with Team Flash to […]

THE FLASH: Elseworlds Pt.1 Review + Pt.2 Promo

The Flash on Sunday?  What alternate Earth are we on!?  Actually, this superhero version of Freaky Friday is part one of the Elseworlds crossover.  And guess what? It was pretty darn entertaining! And somebody “Save Me.”  I teared up when the action moved to the Kent farm, and they played the ‘Smallville’ theme song.   […]