An Open Letter to DC: TITANS, Step Out Of The Shadows

Dear DC: Why are you hiding Titans?  When those behind-the-scenes pictures leaked and everyone lost their minds over the Beast Boy and Starfire reveals, I thought we’d get some official pictures to calm everybody down.  But that didn’t happen.  Instead of stepping into the light and proudly standing behind the show and it’s characters, you […]

THE WALKING DEAD: Is it a Western now?

Thanks to a new official photo from Entertainment weekly,  it sure looks like the show went through a western themed redo   New showrunner Angela Kang confirmed that, when The Walking Dead returns, time will have passed.  But don’t blame her for the time jump, because it also happened in the comics.  Rick Grimes will […]

DC’s SHAZAM: An Official Pic!

Thanks to ‘Entertainment Weekly’ we have another official image from Shazam.  A film that looks a lot like a superhero version of the film ‘Big.’ Which could be good.  Hopefully we’ll see more at Comic-Con.  But in my humble opinion, John Cena would have looked more realistic in the overstuffed muscle suit. (And while Zach […]