KRYPTON: Finale Promo

Don’t miss the Krypton finale on Wednesday the 23rd!  And in this overly long promo, they’re saying that General Zod time traveled via The Phantom Zone.  Though that’s not how the dimensional prison works in the comics.  And it’s funny how neither grandfather or grandson talk about Seg-el’s dad.  They neither mourn, or even act […]

The Shape of Water Blu-Ray Review

With cinematography among its Oscar nominations and production design among its four wins, The Shape of Water looks majestic on Blu-ray. The amphibian (Doug Jones)’s shiny wet scales with bright light emanating from within glow in your living room. You can see all the detail in the decrepit apartment and classic cinema underneath. Each set […]

KRYPTON Review: Hope or Hopeless

KA-POW! That was my mind being blown, and not in a good way. General Zod just announced that Seg-el and Lyta are his parents! What the heck?! So Superman’s greatest enemy is his Uncle? Since when?! Let’s just hope that General Zod is lying, which is very possible. But he does open one of those […]


With the addition of a new Sunday schedule, DCTV fans will need to rethink their viewing habits… On Sunday:   SUPERGIRL returns! Along with a reboot of CHARMED. On Monday:  LEGENDS OF TOMORROW nods, along with ARROW. On Tuesday:  THE  FLASH speeds back, followed by the electrifying BLACK LIGHTNING. On Wednesday:  The rascals of RIVERDALE […]

Lucifer Cancelled! The Devil You Say

Mediocre Gotham is renewed for a shortened fifth season, to wrap up the Batman-lite saga,  while Lucifer is cast out with nothing, leaving loyal fans shocked and unhappy. But is the show gone for good, that’s the question?  Loyal fans are flooding social media with words of support, in hopes of resurrecting the show on […]