Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot is fast becoming everyone’s favorite one-line computer generated character. If you haven’t watched the movie (and believe me, it’s a ride!), you’ll note a cute, potted Groot strategically placed in the film.


Isn’t he cute?

Which makes a lot of people scream,”Where do I throw my money at so I can have this thing?!?”


Well, your prayers are answered…sorta.


Sideshow Collectibles, the guys that make the amazingly detailed line of movie, comic book, and pop culture statues, has jumped on it by giving the opportunity for people to GET the potted Groot.


But there’s a catch, and not a bad catch at that.


You’ll need to purchase the highly detailed Groot and Rocket Raccoon statues priced at…$359.99! The boys over at Sideshow Collectibles are currently having it on pre-order, so get your order in NOW!!


Too poor? Well they have a payment plan for as little as $54/months so even college students can sacrifice a few meals to get this bad boy.

Check it!

GrootStatue Rocketstatue


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