5 thoughts on “Top 10 Cosplays We’re Sick and Tired Of”

  1. Pretty much realized this guy was a tool less than two seconds in to the video. “Wasaaaaabi!”. Wow. And somehow it got worse after that.

  2. Not sure if you’re aware of this but people don’t CosPlay to impress you, we do it for our own enjoyment & generally large groups just happen, they’re not planned in advance.

    In the end the costume itself isn’t important, neither it’s subject or the quality. It’s all in the attitude of the person under the mask.

  3. Is there a link to some of his cosplays somewhere? I’m assuming by his judgmental nature and rude attitude towards other people’s hard work that he is a seasoned cosplayer with a huge fanbase that was somehow granted permission by the cosplay gods to be such. Also, can someone link me to a petition to get him banned from conventions? He straight up threatened physical harm on Deadpool cosplayers and I fear for their safety.

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