By now, I am sure you have seen the ice bucket challenge. If you have been living in a rock for the last month, the ice bucket challenge is a way of spreading awareness for ALS. ALS is motor neuron disease, which is a rare condition where parts of the nervous system become damaged. This causes progressive weakness, usually with muscles wasting away. The person usually loses control of their muscles and death occurs when the person loses muscle control in the chest and is unable to breathe.


But why ice? The ice bucket challenge is designed to mimic the feeling that someone who is diagnosed with ALS experienced.


By now you have seen some of your favorite celebrities do the challenge, but I was waiting for one particular group to do the challenge. I was hoping the guys over at Rooster Teeth would take on the challenge. Low and behold they did, which you can check out  on the bottom of the page, but more specifically i wanted to see the Achievement Hunter team do the challenge. And just in true Achievement Hunter fashion, they stepped up their game higher than ever. Take a look for yourself. Should we rename the challenge to ALS Ice Trashcan Challenge?






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