Why is SUPER SMASH BROS Releasing On 3DS Before Wii-U?

logo     With Super Smash Bros. being released for the 3DS soon, I find myself thinking, “How come they don’t just come out at the same time as the Wii-U version?” Series creator, Masahiro Sakurai explains why.  In his column Weekly Famitsu, Sakurai notes that he is in the middle of debugging. Debugging is when people play the game over and over looking for bugs in the game that coders will have to fix before the final version of the game is shipped to stores. Without debugging, there would be very very strange bugs and glitches.

mega man

“Checking is done both domestically and overseas, so for a game like smash bros., several hundred people are employed. So, debugging alone can become a huge project. So much that one of the biggest reasons for the separate release dates for the 3DS and the Wii U versions was so that we could shift the debugging periods” Sakurai explained. Gamers can laugh at the funny glitches or yell and complain about the game breaking glitches. How many times have you thought about complaining to the developers about glitches or things of that nature? Nine times out of ten, a game being pushed back has to do with a bug that couldn’t be fixed. As long as the product is worth the time of push back, I’m sure we can all understand…Mortal Kombat X. What do you think? Is a game worth the push back as long as they get to fix more bugs?



If you would like something to watch while you wait for Smash Bros. to come out, check out this video explaining where the moves from Mario come from in Super Smash Bros. If you like videos like this, go check out Drake McWhorter on youtube. Dude is amazing.



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