Wrestling For Dummies First Entry For The Week of September 8, 2014

Hello…Mouse here,


I set this website up to be the central hub of video games, anime, and other nerdy stuff. As such, I’m also interested in other things as well, pro wrestling is one of them.


Now, I know what you’re thinking: Wrestling is fake.


Yes. It is. But is it any more real than┬áThe Walking Dead? Smallville? Game of Thrones? Are the stunts any more real than the stunts you see in your typical action drama? I say no. In fact, pro wrestling has something most shows don’t have…live stuntmen/women performing in venues across the country (and even the world) all year round. These performers, while their moves are “staged”, still suffer physical pain from some maneuvers, even more so if a maneuver doesn’t go as planned, or “botched”. With TV shows, stunts are performed with all the safety measures intact; stunts can also be reset if there’s something wrong with it. In addition, these people perform live as much as 300 days/year. I’m not even talking about promotional work, side acting gigs, and workout time. If I had a physically demanding job where I had a little over 2 months of off time out of the year, then I’d probably go nuts.

When is this guy NEVER on TV?

Now I’m not trying to convert anyone to wrestling. But if anything, see that it’s not as “fake” as we think. Reality TV is more fake than wrestling, to be honest. Yes, the stories are somewhat scripted and the punches aren’t actual real punches, but it’s “entertainment” and extremely physically demanding. It’s no different than a traveling circus of physically fit people that happen to be live on TV.

More scripted and fake than wrestling.

But I’m starting this article series for the people that love wrestling, but don’t want to invest the time into it. I mean, RAW is 3 hours, Smackdown is 2 hours, a typical PPV is 3 hours, and Wrestlemania is 4. In addition, I’ll be talking about the ins and outs of wrestling. I’ll also be talking about things that are outside of wrestling such as whether or not an injury is real or not. I’m not going to go deep into story lines, but I will talk about why a certain angle is happening and where a person is if he or she hasn’t been on TV in a while.


And with that, here goes my first official entry:


If anyone has watched WWE in recent years, you’ll know of Daniel Bryan (real name: Brian Danielson). He’s had massive success in the indie scene over the better part of 10 years and has made quite an impression in the WWE. But years of wrestling has started to take its toll. He’s be sidelined due to shoulder/arm issues and has had two surgeries to fix it (this is the real deal). While he is expected to return to TV at the Survivor Series PPV, he may be delayed from action a little longer.


Brock Lesnar, the on-again-off-again MMA and wrestling performer is currently the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, having wiped the floor with John Cena at the SummerSlam. Obviously, this is a scripted thing as Cena has been WWE’s work monkey for years, and with the WWE Network not really bringing in the numbers they were hoping for, WWE is looking to try and boost their subscription numbers.


And speaking of WWE Network, if anyone has been watching WWE television over the last 2 months, you’ll note that every Superstar and their mother is hawking the WWE Network…to death. The phrase, “…and you can see it for $9.99/month” is being played out faster than Bohemian Rhapsody at a Wayne’s World Convention. Yes, we know the network is there…yes, we know it’s $9.99/month and yes, we know there’s hundreds of hours of WWE, WCW, ECW, and classic pre-Hulk Hogan wrestling. It’s just too much for my TV time.


But what of TNA? Seems like those people are on their way out of TV. With their “still under negotiation” status with Spike TV, TNA might not be on TV for much longer. When Hulk Hogan was employed by them, his suggestion of taking the show out of Universal Studios Florida and into a traveling road show proved to be almost fatal; the costs of production compared to the income generated was not enough to keep them on the road.


Well, that’s it for now. It’s not everything that’s happening, but it’s enough to get you familiar with how I write. I’ll be here next week with your Wrestling for Dummies segment!