I’m pretty sure even the Amish and Inuits are playing Destiny right now. For folks less savvy, Destiny is the name of a video game from Bungie, the company that made its mark with their Halo titles published through Microsoft. For Destiny Bungie has saddled up with Activision, and the results of this grand union have so far proved middling — this according to the reviews of various major sources. How could a game with so much going for it meet such lukewarm reception, positive beta feedback be damned?

Beautiful but hollow” and other similar backhanded accolades for Destiny does not appeal well to the discerning player, an audience Activision and Bungie are counting on to sustain the Destiny business model beyond the early adoption phase. Indeed, it seems “the next ten years” present an uphill battle. Turns out a console-based first person shooter does not lend itself to the World of Warcraft model.destiny593416-2283426982-24188

While having shipped many copies , Destiny will ultimately succeed based on its DLC expansion sales, sequels, and doubtless further merchandise. If anything Activision would appear to be banking on Bungie producing a larger scale version of Halo with a persistent multiplayer component that they can monetize with additional content, so basically they wanted to invest in a hit game. Bungie has engineered something with the elements and mechanics of one, yet the long term playability has yet to gel.

I have spent several hours with Destiny. It so far has had satisfactory material to show me. Everything is adequately competent. Lots of mission objectives lie as specs on the horizon. I approach them with steady diligence. I am Jack’s online game avatar. Perhaps Bungie once had intentions to subvert its finely honed veneer. For now it has enough surface to explore without worrying too much about what lies beyond.

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