Everyone Go Home, DESTINY Has A New King

level 30

Someone finally did it. Someone hit level 30 in Destiny. Someone has found a way to go around the soft level 20 cap, and make it all the way to level 30.Needless to say, you don’t wanna run into this guy in the crucible. The man who was able to accomplish this is Mark Edward Neace Jr. A home grown U.S of A. card carrying member. He is a member of the clan Teir 1. His stats sound pretty good, boasting 1,463 Defense. 120 light. 7 Agility. 48 Discipline. 308 Intellect and 115 Strength. There is one thing that is strange here. His light level is pretty low for being level 30. As most of us already know, the level cap is 20. From there, you need special armor that will boost your light stat, and in turn raise your level. There are a few different ways of doing this. One way is to farm lots and lots of loot. Over and over and over again. Do you like the grinding game? Get this. In the two weeks that destiny has been out, he has sunk over one hundred seven hours into the game before he reached level 30. And if you think he has had no life, and has been killing alien after alien grinding for the past two weeks working on this one character, then you are wrong. According to his bungie.net profile, he has two other hunters that are level 20 and 21. Don’t worry. With time, you can make it to level 30 also. Just chose what you put your time into.