Major Game Company Turns 125 years old.

nintendo logo originalCongratulations Nintendo. You are now older than anyone i know.

Nintendo, Known for being the mega powerhouse that is the embodiment of gaming, turned 125 on the 23rd. I don’t even think I can wrap my head around that. 125 years old. That’s crazy. That is 25 years older than the oldest person I know. When Nintendo started, the U.S only had 38 states. Here is a little tidbit though. Nintendo didn’t start production¬†of video games until the 1970’s. Before then, the made toys and cards and other little nick knacks (they even invested in “love hotels” and a cab service. So Happy Birthday Nintendo. I don’t know how you managed to stay around this long, but thank you for it. You saved us in the Video Game Crash of 1983 and you will continue to save us in the future.