COMIKAZE Cosplay Pics: Day 3!

I have to admit, there were a lot of pics that came out a little fuzzy. I completely apologize for that.

IMG_7227 IMG_7226 IMG_7225 IMG_7224 IMG_7223 IMG_7222 IMG_7221 IMG_7220 IMG_7219 IMG_7218 IMG_7217 IMG_7216 IMG_7215 IMG_7214 IMG_7213 IMG_7212 IMG_7210 IMG_7209 IMG_7206 IMG_7203 IMG_7201 IMG_7197 IMG_7196 IMG_7195 IMG_7193 IMG_7191 IMG_7190 IMG_7188 IMG_7187 IMG_7186 IMG_7182 IMG_7181 IMG_7179 IMG_7177 IMG_7176 IMG_7175 IMG_7174 IMG_7173 IMG_7172 IMG_7171 IMG_7170 IMG_7169 IMG_7167 IMG_7165 IMG_7164 IMG_7163 IMG_7162 IMG_7158 IMG_7157 IMG_7156 IMG_7155 IMG_7154 IMG_7153 IMG_7152 IMG_7151 IMG_7149 IMG_7148 IMG_7147 IMG_7146 IMG_7145 IMG_7144 IMG_7143 IMG_7142 IMG_7141 IMG_7140 IMG_7139 IMG_7137 IMG_7136 IMG_7135 IMG_7134 IMG_7133 IMG_7132 IMG_7131 IMG_7130 IMG_7128 IMG_7127 IMG_7126 IMG_7125 IMG_7124 IMG_7123 IMG_7122 IMG_7115 IMG_7114 IMG_7112 IMG_7111 IMG_7110 IMG_7109 IMG_7108 IMG_7107 IMG_7381 IMG_7379 IMG_7376 IMG_7375 IMG_7374 IMG_7373 IMG_7372 IMG_7371 IMG_7370 IMG_7369 IMG_7366 IMG_7365 IMG_7364 IMG_7363 IMG_7356 IMG_7355 IMG_7352 IMG_7351 IMG_7349 IMG_7348 IMG_7345 IMG_7343 IMG_7342 IMG_7341 IMG_7340 IMG_7339 IMG_7338 IMG_7337 IMG_7336 IMG_7335 IMG_7334 IMG_7333 IMG_7331 IMG_7329 IMG_7328 IMG_7286 IMG_7285 IMG_7283 IMG_7281 IMG_7280 IMG_7279 IMG_7277 IMG_7275 IMG_7273 IMG_7272 IMG_7271 IMG_7270 IMG_7269 IMG_7268 IMG_7267 IMG_7265 IMG_7264 IMG_7263 IMG_7261 IMG_7260 IMG_7259 IMG_7258 IMG_7257 IMG_7256 IMG_7255 IMG_7253 IMG_7250 IMG_7249 IMG_7248 IMG_7247 IMG_7244 IMG_7243 IMG_7242 IMG_7241 IMG_7240 IMG_7239 IMG_7238 IMG_7232 IMG_7230 IMG_7229 IMG_7228