starwarsposterStar Wars: The Force Awakens teaser Description!

Production Logos fade in and out over slow, new rendition of the force theme. Bold french horns become distinct as red and green lasers blast through the LUCASFILM emblem and the music transforms into a heroic march similar to the “Throne Room” by John Williams.

A brief series of shots involving three or four gigantic ships hovering over what looks to be a Tie-Fighter junkyard.

Oscar Isaac’s dressed in a fur coat accompanied by six pilots approaching a spaceship offscreen (most likely the Falcon).

Troopers running through a narrow, brightly lit corridor while under fire.

Space battle involving nine or ten Tie-Fighter-esque ships and about fifteen other compact ships in an organized formation moving toward them.

Gwendoline Christie pats C-3PO on the back while 3PO crouches down to R2 in some kind of machine room that radiates neon blue tints.

Music slows as snow troopers, blasters pointed, stand in the way of three of four rebel pilots trying to walk past them. Adam Driver in the forefront.

Voice over of what sounds like a robotic MAX VON SYDOW: “The tribulation of the past will veer its vengeance on those…”

Princess Leia, side profile, wearing a dark blue royal gown ascends on some kind of shaft with two royal guards behind her.

“Those who break the sacred oath of the old republic…”

Han Solo, kneeling down with Chewbacca just slightly out of frame.

Music changes to main theme.

“Those who threaten the resurgence of the force…”

A cloaked figure, hands possibly bound together, slowly walking into what looks like an entirely glass room overlooking space and two other planets.

Brief shot of mechanic droids moving through a hallway with Chewbacca following behind. He growls or “speaks” to someone off screen.

Brief shot of two ships colliding together.

Forrest planet creature peaking its head from behind a shrubby cave.

R2 whistling in a gigantic metallic hanger.

Shot of Han Solo looking up at a ship (obviously the Millenium Falcon)

HAN: “We might have to give er’ a little sweet talk this time.”

Chewbacca looks over at Han and purrs.

HAN tilts his head.

HAN: “Well maybe a little more than the standard fare.”

STAR WARS logo blasts onto screen with THE FORCE AWAKENS appearing slowly.

The falcon zooms through both logos.

DECEMBER 2015 appears.

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