Is this plot real? We don’t know but it makes a good read.

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Republic exists in some form. Remnants of the Empire exist. Smaller Imperial units attacking with limited Tie-Fighter squadrons, Stormtroopers, perhaps some larger battlecruisers. They pose a small threat to the new Republic but nothing on the scale of the Empire.

Black Stormtrooper refuses to fight during a Stormtrooper operation and his superior – an Imperial general or similar rank (female) pursues him. She is said to become an Inquisitor.

Luke’s dismembered hand/lightsaber from Empire Strikes Back (when Vader cut it off) is found on Tatooine. Bit cheesy but seems to be a genuine part of plot. Tatooine has become a major salvage planet since the fall of the Empire.

Girl on speeder is called Kira. She works for Max Von Sydow’s character. Salvage collector. He is part cyborg. Rumored to be an old Inquisitor that escaped capture however might be Darth Plagueis (although why a former Sith Lord would be trading scrap metal on a planet beats me!) 😛 Sydow realizes Luke may be brought back to full Jedi status and this awakens the force within him. The Inquisitor Order awaken.

Black Stormtrooper and Kira on speeder team up to find owner of hand/lightsaber. They meet up with Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Inquisitors are Sith-connected Jedi Hunters (recently backstory introduced into Star Wars Rebels tv show). Flashback to a young Leia and Vader (before episode 4!) will show them being recruited by Vader.

Han Solo’s son, Jacen, is an X-Wing pilot. Turns to the Dark Side. He becomes the grave digger and collects relics. Becomes new Inquisitor.

Luke’s force power increases and he is forced to become a recluse. Found by Kira. He agrees to help them fight the Inquisitors.

Subplot involving space pirates which links into the main plot. Space pirate rumored to be played by Lupita Nyong’o. Possible link with Han Solo’s past?

New space weapon – contained within a planet. Planet is ice/forest location. Final battle on planet.

And the big shock development:

Han killed by Luke. I think this seems too extreme. More likely to be Han’s son kills Han. Han’s death widely reported so very likely. If Luke kills Han not sure how the character can continue in future episodes. He would be hunted down by Republic so hard to imagine he kills Han. But it could happen!

New Sith: Han’s son and (possibly) Max Von Sydow as cyborg/human Sith. Possibility Sydow plays Darth Darth Plagueis but just a rumor. Strong rumor Darth Plagueis is the ultimate main villain of new trilogy so don’t be surprised if he’s the Darth Sideous type villain of the new films.


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