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In addition to all the sales that’s going on, this one isn’t any different, but the thing about is that it operates similar to Steam’s online system except when you buy the game, you get a DRM-free version of the game!


So what’s on sale? Well as of this writing, there’s a 24 hour sale on Age of Wonders Deluxe edition, the Ultimate D&D Collection (which includes 10 D&D games), and an Age of Wonders pack (2 game pack). As of this writing, there’s about 9 hours left, but there will be other 24 hour deals with over 750 of their games over the Christmas season.


One of the two games you can get in the Age of Wonders pack, on sale now!

The great thing about is that it’s a nice mix of old and new games. If you’re looking for other places to get some great games besides Steam, check out!

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