Prepare for THE DARK BELOW, DESTINY’S First Expansion!


When Bungie left the Microsoft nest, many thought that they would try and take the Halo franchise with them. Unfortunately, the honor stayed with 343 Studios and Bungie went off to fend for themselves. But years later, Bungie’s first foray out of the nest is Destiny, the first-person wannabe-MMO that has made a huge impact on the Fall 2014 game industry.


But it’s not as if Destiny had any problems. Out of the gate were countless problems…login issues, game drops, imbalanced PvP, loot caves, the list goes on and on. And yet, people still play Destiny because it’s just so darn beautiful. With a level cap at 30, it’s still really really hard to get to get there; many people are stuck at the late 20’s crying over not getting any drops in the insanely difficult Vault of Glass.


After months of trying to fix bugs here and there (like trying to straighten out a sheep’s wool with a lice comb), Destiny is now the heels of its first major expansion: The Dark Below. A new NPC, Eris, is going to inhabit the Tower (the major quest hub of the game) and is going to be the gateway for the expansion’s content. Of course there will be new weapons. new gear, new armor, and new missions, but bigger news is the new level cap (will be 32), the new raid, and the new Crucible maps.


If you want to get in on it, you can still pre-order it and you can get the sweet new Optimus Prime-paint-job-inspired Sparrow which allows you to do some space-age extreme stunts. But you don’t have much time; the expansion is going to be live on December 9th, exactly 3 months after the release of the game. Unfortunately, Sony’s PS3 and PS4 will have more content, an exclusive 3 person Strike, and a new Raid…XBox owners may have to wait another year for this content.

PS3 and PS4 Destiny players will get access to this sweet, 4 barreled shotgun. Sorry Xbox 🙁

If you want to see the preview, you can watch it in Destiny (it’s the new green-highlighted thing next to the Tower), or you can watch it below: