Star Fox for the Wii U was first revealed at E3 2014.  Designer Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that a playable version of the game will be available at this year’s E3.  “We’ll have a version of it ready that everyone can play.” Miyamoto explained in an interview with Smosh Games.  This is exciting news for the Wii community, and Star Fox will be releasing before the new Zelda.

While we have yet to see much game play footage from Star Fox, Miyamoto made it clear, the GamePad’s second screen will be made of interesting use in this game.   As Nintendo struggles to validate the peripherals worth, what we do know is that the television will be the third person view of the plane, while the Gamepad will be from within the cockpit.

Long time fans of Star Fox should be tickled pink to hear this news.  Star Fox has captured a  devout following since the days of  Super Nintendo and N64.

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