MV5BMTExMzQ2NjU0ODJeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDM1MzEwNTMx._V1__SX1416_SY560_Paget Brewster joined the cast of Community for their sixth season on Yahoo. It’s her third show of the year, as she’s on the Amazon pilot Down Dog and she came to the Television Critics Association press tour representing Another Period, on Comedy Central this summer. While I spoke to her for Another Period, she told me who she’s going to play on Community.

“I am hired by Dean Pelton to be an efficiency expert for the school because they’re hemorrhaging money,” Brewster said. “It’s not the best run community college in the world and they’r always going up against City College. They end up taking me on and allowing me to be with their study group because they basically run the school now, our band of faithful study groupers.”

Brewster guest starred on Community earlier as the IT lady. Leave it to Community to comment on the meta confusion of Brewster playing too characters. ““It’s a new character,” she said. “It’s not the IT lady and there’s a joke about how my new character keeps trying to call the IT lady and I hear a high pitched whistle and I get a nosebleed. They’re really, really funny.”

Community returns this March on Yahoo!

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