‘American Sniper’ a film starring Bradley Cooper has taken the box office by storm.  Pulling in a whopping 18.3M last Friday, ‘American Sniper’ has caught the attention of many.  Bradley Cooper who has been nominated before, is nominated once again for his portrayal of Chris Kyle, a real life U.S. Navy Seal, who contrary to what many think, he was indeed an American hero.

It takes a lot for a director to make a film that could carry some harsh backlash.  That didn’t stop Clint Eastwood.  What he brings to the theater, most Americans cannot understand, unless they have done it themselves.  In a film like this where not only is a man’s career shown but a glimpse of his home life, for the men and women who serve, this movie hits home.

‘Amerian Sniper’ connects with its audience.  Bradley Cooper deserves the best actor nomination.  On Feb 22, 2015 we will find out how well this film does at the Oscars.  Stay tuned.  In the mean time, check out the film.

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