The rumor mill was full of speculation as soon as Daniel Bruhl was cast in Captain America 3.  While Marvel is keeping quiet on this matter, ScreenCrush has revealed via a casting call, that Bruhl is set to play Baron Zemo.  Zemo is one of Captain America’s primary antagonists in the comic books, so its only fitting that he should be brought over to the films.  Since there is no confirmation, its unclear how Zemo will make it from the 1940’s to present day.  That’s where the movie magic comes in.  Or some strategically placed flashbacks within the movie will also do the job.  Let’s not forget, Zemo was the one who turned Bucky Barnes into the Winter Soldier that we know today.  Currently Crossbones remains the main villain for Cap.

Captain America Civil War will release May 6, 2016.  Anthony and Joe Russo will be directing.

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