It seems the rumor mill cannot get enough of speculating on who is going to be starring in DC’s Suicide Squad.  It is quite obvious that DC is trying to assemble their own cinematic universe to rival the Marvel Universe so popular these days.  Can they do it?  From Aquaman to The Suicide Squad the casting is being scrutinized daily.  Karl Urban not only has been eyed for a villain in the upcoming Aquaman film with Jason Momoa, Urban is also being considered for the role of Rick Flag in The Suicide Squad.


Thus far Suicide Squad has a star studded cast consisting of Will Smith, Margo Robbie, Cara Delevingne, Jai Courtney and Jared Leto playing one of DC’s most iconic villains, The Joker.  As previously reported on The Gospel Herald, Tom Hardy was set to play the role of Rick Flag, the teams rugged leader.  A role Urban would fit into perfectly.

Whoever eventually gets cast within the Suicide Squad it’s sure to make a cinematic impact.  Unlike the Avengers, The Suicide Squad is made up of reformed or incarcerated villains promised shortened sentences for carrying out high -risk missions.  And who wouldn’t pass that up?



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