When Monty Oum started at Rooster Teeth, he worked as an animator on the popular show Red vs. Blue. After that, he was asked to create his own animated series. He started to release 4 very stylized and very beautiful cel shaded computer animated shorts introducing the 4 girls that would later be the main characters for a show called RWBY. Since its first episode in 2013, he show has taken off, spawning 2 seasons and a short series called World of Remnant.


But, now in 2015, it seems the world of RWBY may be interrupted. GoFundMe just put up a plea for fans to give money because he’s apparently in “Critical Care”.


While nothing has been said on how or why he’s in the hospital, this does not bode well for the RWBY franchise. From my interaction with him, he seemed a very passionate man that loved what he was doing.


More info about his hospitalization can be seen in the GoFundMe site HERE.


We wish all the best for Monty.


Below are the RWBY shorts introducing the girls:






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