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A reddit user by the name of the_marvel_intern has taken to Reddit to unveil some interesting tidbits about Marvel Studios’ plans for Phase Three. The user is said to have worked for the studio as an intern since Summer 2013 and has “generally assisted with day-to-day operations on many Marvel projects.”

He goes on to talk about the Russo Bros. potential involvement with theĀ AVENGERS franchise and confirms that the directing duo will indeed helm AVENGERS: INFINITY WARS PART I & II after production wraps on CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, that would put Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man against Chris Evans’ Captain America, along with actor Chadwick Boseman making his first appearance as T’Challa/Black Panther.

He goes on to explain say

“THE INHUMANS and CAPTAIN MARVEL will act as an informal middle point for THE INHUMANS; so don’t think of two films, think four interlocking films. These films are meant to incorporate a lot of what was great about the INFINITY GAUNTLET storyline, but will also pull some clever twists that even the
most seasoned nerds won’t see coming. This won’t be a straight up adaptation.”

The reddit user then reveals that Marvel Studios apparently have a short list of directors to helm THOR: RAGNAROK. The list includes ANCHORMAN director Adam McKay, who has a good standing relationship with Marvel after coming in to rewrite the ANT-MAN script for the studio.

Also in the mix is GODZILLA director Gareth Edwards who is said to be the front-runner, but with his recent commitments to direct the first STAR WARS standalone film and GODZILLA 2; it makes his availability limited between those two major films. The last contender is DAWN OF THE PLANET APES director Matt Reeves who
had recent success with the second PLANET OF THE APES film, after taking over the franchise from director Rupert Wyatt.

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