Black Mirror is one of those shows that can be completely real. This Twilight Zone-esque program takes away some of the horror of the “other side” and gives it a more post-modern, light hearted, cock-your-head-and-squint-your-eyes feel. It’s weird. But the reality of this is that…they seem completely plausible.


What would you do?


Take the first episode, “The National Anthem”. It’s the story of the Prime Minister of Britain dealing with the demands of a kidnapper that took the Queen’s daughter; in order for the Duchess to be released, he has to “make love to a pig” on live television. The intriguing part is that the whole episode takes place within a day; showing how fast social media can spread and deliver news. It’s not…scary per se, but it does make us question the potentials of social media.


Still, with this show receiving a lot of views due to its recent showing on Netflix, there has been enough buzz to warrant a possible US adaptation. According to Variety, Endemol, the recently merged company behind The Biggest Loser, American Idol, Big Brother, and Black Mirror has declared they “have a plan” for an adaptation of the series in the US. Not surprisingly, American Idol and Big Brother are also adaptations of British-original shows.

Black Mirror even satirizes its own shows.

Black Mirror even satirizes its own shows.

Me? I’m excited. The series is short, so it’s a quick watch. And you should watch it. It’s simple in its execution and complex in its layers. It speaks to us as a society and satirizes it while holding a mirror up to our own psyche.


More soon.

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