We fans of Batman know, that the Joker at one point was in Arkham Asylum.  Which just happens to be in the outskirts of Gotham.  When Gotham returned with the episode ‘Rogue’s Gallery‘ early last month, could the mass escape from Arkham Asylum be the clue we all missed that a Joker storyline might be on the way for Season 2 of Gotham?

Here is the scene in question.  Two things to note, one the blood on the nurses face looks strikingly like the Clown Prince’s “smile”.  Secondly, the signature laugh that is rumored to be that of the Joker.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_Y3r-LWioQ&w=420&h=315]

What do you think?

The producer of the show Bruno Heller tells TVGuide the timetable for the introduction has been moved up within the first season. Heller says “We’ve said you’re going to be waiting a bit long for it, but this is America, -nobody likes to wait. So, we will scratch the surface of that storyline, yes.  But just scratch it, – a little tap on the door.”

Everyone keep your ears open for the little rapping at the door, this is something none of us want to miss.

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