Poltergeist remains one of the most memorable horror movies from many of our childhoods and if you’ve ever looked at “snow” on a television, you will know what I mean. When it comes to re-booting established classics it has to be done with a delicate hand. Gil Kenen has challenged himself to re-boot Poltergeist Promising to have some real scares in it.
The reboot will star Sam Rockwell, and Rose Dewitt. Moving into a suburban “fixer upper”, ahome that the children seem to love. As we know a strange force will come from the bedroom closet and pull in their youngest child, who is not named Carol Anne, but Madison, played by Kennedi Clements. Setting off the supernatural chain of events that will consume the family of the film.
While the film feels more like Indidious than Tobe Hooper’s original film, it still looks like a great horror film.
Most of Hollywood is against the “R” (reboot) word. As of late they just don’t seem to do well at the box office. However when you start with an amazing cast such as Rockwell and Dewitt then add in Jared Harris as the combating priest, you’ve set yourself up for a successful film.
Sam Raimi is producing this film and Gil Kenen (Monster House is directing. Great things are sure to come of this amazing collaboration. Poltergeist will be in theaters July 24, 2015.

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