Jaimie Alexander will return to Marvel’s AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Lady Sif from Asguard, best known as the home of Thor.

Lady Sif will appear in the series second episode of its return. This is great news for some, however there’s one catch. Lady Sif has a bit of amnesia. Not remembering Thor or why she has been returned to earth, many questions will be have to be answered in this episode.

“The amnesia of Lafy Sif will provide comic relief to the series that has been filled with betrayal and death” Executive Producer Jeffrey Bell tells TV Insider.

The last appearance of Lady Sif on the show was in Season 1, episode 15, titled “Yes Men.

Coulson’s team is also rumored to have to engage in a battle with a super charged for before they can reunite with the Asguardian. ABC is keeping quiet on just who that might be. Anyone want to take a guess?


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