Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment unleashes 101 DALMATIONS Diamond Edition from the vault today, and Nerd Report was there last week with a first look into the making of the film and re-mastering of the Walt Disney classic.  The Diamond Edition has all new bonus features which include:

All New Short-The Further Adventures of Thunderbolt.

Walt Disney presents “The Best Doggoned Dog in the World” (1961 Version)

Lucky Dogs

Disney View

Dalmations 101: Hosted by Cameron Boyce (Disney Channel’s “The Descendants”)

Plus a Selection of Classic Bonus Features

Our Visit to Disney Studios
Dalmations_Print_74We visited a room in Disney’s old animation building where were able to do our very own 101 DALMATIONS ink and paint demonstrationOur instructor was Disney painter and Xerox expert Sherri Vandoli.  As someone who has personally seen the art in the animation archives, it was an absolute treat to see how an animation cell is created and placed through the Xerox photographic process.  The Xerox photographic process began with 101 Dalmations, making the cell transfer process easier, and faster, allowing the department to speed up the production of the animated classic.  In our session we hand painted a Xerox animated cell of Pongo.

In our honored visit to Walt Disney Studios we were also able to listen and speak with three key people in the animated classic.  Lisa Davis, the voice of ‘Anita Radcliff‘, Mimi Gibson, the voice of ‘Lucky‘ and legendary animator Floyd Norman were all there to share their memories of Walt and the making of the film.


Be sure to pick up your copy today, these classics don’t stay out of the vault for long!



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