Masters of the Universe‘ just might be making the comeback that we’ve all wanted.  Granted, younger generations may not even know who or what ‘Masters of the Universe’ is, when it does come out it’s sure to grab the attention of audiences of all ages.  Den of Geek reports that DeVon Franklin, SVP of Columbia has been just about the only one to give any updates on the title, and the update we have now, is the new title card.  It’s a familiar yet updated look to the logo of days past.  Best known as an animated tv series that debuted in 1983 by Filmation, ‘Masters of the Universe’ will have to have some creative recreation.  This is not the first film of the title, a live action film was released by Cannon Films titled ‘Masters of the Universe.  The film starring Dolph Lundgren as  He-Man, Frank Langella as Skelletor, with Courtney Cox and Robert Duncan McNeil in supporting roles.

Masters 2

There are not many details about the new film. It is possible that screen writer for the film. Jeff Wadlow, who directed Kick-Ass 2 and the upcoming X-Force, could end up directing.  Jon M. Chu was set to direct before moving on to another tv based film ‘Jem and the Holograms.’

The last shot at this film was compared to the ‘Super Mario Bros‘ film which did not do well in the box office.  We need this film to bring back our He-Man and save Eternia.

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