Guitar Hero

Back in 2005, I got into a little game called Guitar Hero. It was an evolution of an arcade game called Guitar Freaks in Japan. Unlike its predecessor, Guitar Hero featured 5 buttons on the fret instead of 3, which gave the game a whole new dimension. Created by Harmonix in conjunction with Red Octane, Guitar Hero was something new, it was something that was never seen before, a music game that made you feel like you were playing guitar.


Fast forward to 2010, Rock Band 3 releases and people are saturated by the plastic instrument “revolution”. Game stores are having problems storing the large peripherals meant originally for disc games. Guitar Hero is everywhere. Activision cancels the Hero line of games due to low profits and the plastic revolution suddenly comes to a grinding halt.


A month ago, Harmonix releases its first DLC in a long time, with Foo FightersSomething For Nothing featured. Sales were so good that Harmonix released a survey asking questions hinting at a possible Rock Band sequel.


But now the time has come. Harmonix is throwing their guitars back onto the stage with the official announcement! On their official website, they posted a Press Release making it official:


Rock Band 4



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