Fans of Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk will note that these guys got their big nerdy break on the TV show Firefly, a sci-fi show about space cowboys in a somewhat dystopian future. When the show was unceremoniously canceled back in 2003, fans started to revolt. The internet was a-buzz with massive “Bring Firefly Back!” messages and, as a result, Firefly was brought back as the movie Serenity.


Since then, Nathan Fillion has had solid success with the hit show Castle and the cult internet hit Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Alan Tudyk has found success with Suburgatory and most recently the late night show News Readers. 



But it seems like Tudyk and Fillion can’t get away from the Firefly bug. They’ve teamed up in an IndieGoGo campaign to produce a show called Con Man. Get this, it’s a show about the lives of two actors from a canceled-too-soon sci-fi show called Spectrum and their adventures in the sci-fi convention scene.


Sound familiar?


If you want to check out (or even contribute) to this endeavor, you can check the IndieGoGo HERE. As of this writing, there’s about 30 days left and is a little over halfway toward its goal.

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