SpiderManMarvel Studios is in talks with director Drew Goddard to possibly direct the reboot Spider-Man movie franchise. Goddard was previously hired back in 2013 by Sony to direct the presumably Spider-Man spin-off movie ‘Sinister Six. The project never developed which was cancelled when Sony, and Marvel negotiated their new deal together on February 2015.

Back in December 2013, Drew Goddard was hired to serve as executive producer, and show-runner for Daredevilalong with writing, and directing the first episode’s. In May 2014, it was announced that Goddard had stepped down as show-runner due to scheduling conflicts in order to focus on directing the featured film ‘Sinister Six’ for Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Goddard who wrote the first two episodes for Marvel’sDaredevil’ remained with the show as a consultant, and executive producer. Goddard’s role for Marvel, and Sony would be to write, and direct the reboot Spider-Man movie franchise.
Marvel’sDaredevil’ Netflix will air April 10th 2015.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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