According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony and MGM who are producing the next James Bond film Spectre, are receiving up to $20 Million dollars in incentives so as long as they portray Mexico in a positive light., a website that covers tax news revealed the amount in a report.

Mexico’s image is not exactly rosy.  It’s known for its drugs and criminal way of life.  Leave it to James Bond to help.  The film will be shooting in Mexico City this month and will receive at least $14 million and up to $20 million for script rewrites that portray “modern Mexico City buildings.”  The images that will be used in the film should reinforce a positive image of the country.

One request from Mexican officials is that the villain cannot be Mexican, according to  Additionally Mexico requested that one of the Bond girls be Mexican, and that was announced earlier in the week.  Stephanie Sigman (Miss Bala) has joined the cast.

James Bond films tend to draw a lot of attention and Spectre will be no exception.  Not only to it’s story line but also to its settings.  Can this film make a difference for Mexico?  Obviously someone thinks it can.  $20 million is no small sum.  We’re just happy to hear the production of the film is moving along.

What are your thoughts on the incentive?  Will it help?

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