Tyrese Gibson has been using Instagram to get the word out that he’d like to play John Stewart as the ‘Green Lantern’. Currently Tyrese stars in Furious 7 hitting theaters April 3rd, and he’s been making his rounds promoting the first big blockbuster of 2015. Here’s an example, from his Instagram page:istagram 3According to Vixen Varsity the actor met, and spoke with Warner Bros, and pitched the idea about it. He said. I explained that this all began because of two fans that reached out to me, and sent fan-made art  posters. They triggered my imagination, and aside from sharing their work it got me thinking? ‘Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Tyrese as Green Lantern. John Stewart”!

green-lantern-tyrese-fbpicHere’s yet another more recent Instagram Tyrese posted similar to the fan art he shares, but more interestingly as a cool joke regarding his co-stars Vin Diesel, and Dwayne Johnson as possible future ‘Trio Super-Hero’s’?



Source: Latino Review

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