Do you want free over-the-air TV on your xbox one? Well, Xbox has heard and listen to your cries. Starting yesterday, xbox preview members are now able to do just that. All you need to do is buy a small antenna and one piece of hardware.

OTA (Over-The-Air) TV has been a thing for a long time. You might know it better as rabbit ears for your TV. Well to do this, you will need a basic antenna like the amazon basic antenna which is crazy affordable. To figure out how strong of an antenna you will need, you can use this calculator to see which channels you will get using different antennas. From there, all you will need is this Hauppauge tuner  to connect to the xbox via usb. Right now, the Hauppauge cost $80, but microsoft is working on lowering the price down to 60 in the coming months. Now, you may be asking yourself  “Why would i buy an $80 add-on for the xbox one when i can just directly connect the antenna to my tv?”. Well, there are 4 major reasons you would do so, and at least to myself, these reasons make all the difference.

Reason one. If you use the setup explained here, you will get the channel guide that is in the xbox TV app. That means you won’t have to search through channels to see what you can find, you will be able to bring up the channel guide and see what is on.

Reason two. Doing this, you will be able to pause live Tv for up to thirty minutes. This is a modern luxury, and is very nice to see with the ability to use OTA on xbox one now.

Reason three, and this is a big one. You can stream to your mobile devices. That is right. Normally, an antenna will only let you watch on the tv that it is connected to. If you use the tuner the xbox one, you will be able to stream tab to any device using smart glass even if someone is already playing a game.

Finally, Reason four. We have the snap feature. If you are playing a video game and realize your favorite sports team or favorite show is on, you can just snap the tv app and keep an eye on your show and keep playing your game.

Well there you have it. If you are a preview member on the xbox one, you already have access to this feature. The rest of us will have to wait a little longer. If you are confused at all, check out this video and listen to Major Nelson explain it.

     [Edit] After reading around the intertent, it turns out people have been doing this since late 2013. Here is an easy to follow guide to do it for under $70 (Which is cheaper than the Hauppauge tuner is selling for on Amazon right now. Check it out here.

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