Most will know Psylocke as the powerful ninja assassin telepathic/telekinetic/precognitive badass that’s graced the pages of X-Men for over 20 years. What many don’t know is that this seemingly asian-ish but voluptuous woman (according to the comics) is actually a British Woman named Betsy Braddock where she got her start in New Mutants Annual #2.


Flash forward to today. Bryan Singer has just announced that the girl-next-door nerd Olivia Munn has been cast as the  actress to play Psylocke in the new X-Men film: X-Men: Apocalypse!


It was rumored that Zhang Ziyi would take the role, but Singer announced in his Instagram that it will be Munn that fills the role.


And so continues the marriage between game nerds and comic book nerds.


Oh yeah…she’s got that look.

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