I suppose it wasn’t long before Activision decided to return to the Guitar Hero franchise. After the announcement of Rock Band 4 to the new gen consoles, Activision has finally decided to put their hat into the ring once again. Despite the Guitar Hero cancelation way back in 2011, it’s apparently rising back from the grave.

Apparently it’s been a huge multi-barrage announcement. Not only did the trailer release today, USA Today released a Q&A from Activision Publishing CEO¬†Eric Hirshberg, and IGN released a video commenting on the new guitar controller and how it works.



It appears as though Guitar Hero is going a different route. The new guitar has 6 buttons on the fret instead of the previous 5 and having the placement of the buttons in a stacked manner, so you’re not always shifting your wrist to get that 5th button. In addition, as you can see from the reveal trailer, the guitar track is different, ditching its computer generated flashy track with a very plain wood fretboard and little guitar picks for targets. Of course the most obvious difference is the environment…no more is it a digital audience, rather it’s a prerecorded live audience to make you really feel like you’re the front man at a concert.


Apparently the plastic instrument war is back on! Which side will you choose?


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