This was a long time coming.


Hearthstone has been a very popular app lately, wining a ton of awards, and just basically getting everyone to believe in card game apps. Released way back in 2014 on OS X and Windows, iPad on April 16, 2014, Windows 8 on August 6, and on Android Tablet back in December, it was just a matter of time before it showed on on mobile devices


And here we are. Blizzard has just released Hearthstone for iOS and Android mobile devices!

Now you can play random player roulette on your mobile device!
Now you can play random player jackpot on your mobile device!

Yeah, with some tooling you could have acquired the app with a hacked copy¬†of the tablet versions, but after playing a few games on my Android, the conversion is pretty spot on. It takes a little adjusting, but it’s not anything crazy; it’s definitely worth the download.


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