Over on Nuke the Fridge I spoke with Simon Quarterman about his new horror movie Estranged. We talked a little about his role in the upcoming HBO series Westworld. Check out the whole interview over on Nuke (http://nukethefridge.com/2015/04/30/nbff-interview-simon-quarterman-on-estranged-and-westworld/) but here are the Westworld tidbits.

“I start shooting Westworld for HBO in July,” Quarterman said. “We shot the pilot last year and we got picked up so I’m very excited about that. I think everyone’s in for a real treat with that. I haven’t seen any of the scripts just yet, but judging by what Jonah and Lisa wrote for the pilot episode, it’s going to be an incredibly exciting series.”westworld

Currently best known for The Devil Inside, Quarterman landed a lead role on Westworld because he’d previously auditioned for the casting director. “I was kind of like the unknown really coming into that but I met John Papsidera, the casting director about a month and a half before for another project. He brought me into that to meet Jonah and we really clicked immediately. Then it just happened so that was for sure the moment as an actor that you wait for. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to get such a nod from working with such incredible people. I’m very blessed and very lucky to be a part of such an incredible crew and incredible cast of amazing actors.”

The cast of HBO’s Westworld are brand new characters, building on the premise of a robotic theme park where robots play cowboys and gunslingers for the guests. “There’s the androids that it focuses on but it also focuses on the people who run the park. I play the head of narrative design at the park so I create all the characters and the storylines within the park that the guests get to work with.”

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