Will it be any good? Will it be a shiny star in the sky or just a speck on your ceiling?

I’m thinking yes. I mean it has the potential to be the runaway hit of the year, even in a year of probably the greatest line-up of open world games ever with the Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, MGS V and Avalanche’s own Just Cause 3). Mad Max is still doing its best to be a captivating experience which demands your attention. Lets dive in.

First, i just want to bring to your attention that this is NOT a direct adaptation of any of the movies. It does however take elements of inspiration of iconic locations from all of the movies. These locations consist of such as Barter Town, Thunderdome, and Gastown which you can see glimpses of in the trailers along with the frantic electric sand storm from Fury Road. So it gives me great joy to know that the developers aren’t restricted to a strict universe bible where they have to be extra cautious to depict certain events but instead are actually encouraged to make their dream Mad Max game which takes the best ingredients from the rich legacy of the movies. This, by the way, is a very refreshing change as far as adopted video games go.

The game starts you out on a fairly disadvantageous note as you lose your trusty and iconic Interceptor to a gang of War Boys, who subsequently leave you to die in the endless stream of sand similar to a scene from the Mad Max Fury Road movie. Your main goal of the game is to make another car your “Magnum Opus”, as you will have to explore, fight, and rampage through the vast wasteland of the game while exacting your wrath upon anyone who comes in your way in order to get payback on Scrotus, the leader of the War Boys. In one of the more surprising additions in your quest will be Chumbucket, an AI sidekick who’ll be along for the ride throughout the whole game. He’ll help you during car combat, bring your car to full health after a destructive battle, and occasionally make you chuckle by his crude remarks.

The game will only be releasing on the current-gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One) and PC. The game also takes advantage of the raw power of those platforms to give us a sprawling world with great draw distances, sharp textures and a hefty driving mechanic. Max’s potent combat animations look fierce and it doesn’t let go even when you are in your car blasting other nefarious motorists as The melancholy of Mad Max’s post-apocalyptic land is evident everywhere.

Now while the initial impressions are mostly positive, how well will all these mechanics blend into forming a cohesive gaming experience? Will it be playable with ease or be bug-ridden like all the recent releases were? Will Mad Max be a beacon in video game adaptation, or a patchwork product with not much to offer? All will be revealed when the world goes mad on September 1st, 2015 when the game launches. Til’ then have a look at the most recent interactive trailer showcasing different strategies you could use during combat.

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