Destiny: the Taken King Vault Space Steals the Show in the Twitch Reveal.

Now I don’t know about many of you, but as you may or may not know we are nearing the 1 year anniversary of Destiny with the upcoming expansion of The Taken King. As I find myself an avid and frequent player and supporter of Destiny on the PlayStation 4, I cant help but agree with one of the most frequent criticisms of the game being the lack of vault space for guardians to store their armor, weapons, and other items in. While Bungie did respond to these complaints by giving players a little more room with a few extra spaces, it quite simply, wasn’t enough.

Destiny is a game that is not so different from Pokemon, as in, you “gotta catch ’em all” as it was put on the Destiny: The Taken King Twitch reveal. Its really no surprise that people are collectors and they want to be able to store all of the awesome exotic and legendary rewards they earn throughout Destiny’s various challenges. Considering Bungie encourages consumers to be able to tell stories about how they earned such items.

Several times During the Destiny: The Taken King Twitch reveal, (which was brought to you by Deej who was answering questions from the audience), were submitting questions asking about vault space. Deej building anticipation asking “Are you sure?” while inching towards the vaults, making it painfully obvious that they were within a few steps away from examination. His team screamed in anger forcing Deej to shy away from the vaults as they wanted to save the vault space for the end and they wouldn’t let Deej or even the fans interfere.

The fans however, didn’t accept it. They continued to ask about the vault space, fueling the live audience into a frenzy as they chanted loudly and furiously at Deej, demanding that he show us what’s in the vaults. But once again, Deej was forced to deny the fans, promising that he would hear their cries before the end of the broadcast.
Eventually, Deej acquiesced to the public. As he walked his way over to the vaults and finally showed us what we had all been waiting to see.

In a moment of widespread celebration, fans all around the world cheered at the news that Destiny: The Taken King, will double the amount of vault space available to all guardians. And with the addition of blueprints for exotics, ships, emblems, and shaders, guardians will also be able to dismantle those items without concern and use the space they were taking up for other items. It’s been a long time in the works, but finally, Bungie has given players their highly demanded vault space fix in Destiny: The Taken King, and as a(n) added bonus the vault’s categories have been more neatly organized to provide for a less cluttered and more visually appealing experience of the vault.

Destiny: The Taken King will be available September 15th with a(n) increased price of $40 because of double the content compared to $20 for the previously released expansions I, “The Dark Below” & expansion II “The House of Wolves”.

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