Okay, here we go again.

Below you can read a supposed description for the next Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer that we found on IMDB.


Fade In:

A yet unseen spaceship lands near a marketplace in the desert. This evokes dust and collapsing stalls.

Cut to:

BB-8 tumbles fast through a maze of stalls as if running from something. Camera follows from his point of view as he zig zags between legs of humans and of strange aliens. He suddenly stops and bleeps worrisome. In the foreground someone blocks BB-8’s way (Shiny leg of Captain Phasma is recognizable) – Cue dramatic rumble in music.

Off screen dialogue Han Solo starts: “It got worse.”

Cut to: (Helicopter shot of) A large group of what seem to be Jakku residents that are taken as prisoner by first order troopers are travelling through a remote desert landscape. Troopers on what seem to be small AT-ST walkers. One trooper adresses a desperate looking young girl in one of the mobile cages: (Finn’s) whispering voice: ‘Hold on!’

Han Solo OS: “There are more than we expected”

Cut to: large formation of First order storm troopers on a snow planet (as seen in the instagram teaser). New shot of General Hux overlooking troops.

Han Solo OS: “They are more violent”

Cut to short flashes of Kylo Ren swinging his saber (as seen in teaser) + new shots of flame thrower troopers. Kylo Ren throws aside debris and uncovers villagers hiding underneath. Camera on the faces of these villagers. Off screen we hear Kylo’s saber ignite as red light illuminates their horrified faces.

Han Solo OS: “more advanced”

Cut to: General Hux walks through some kind of high tech command center. Next to him walks Captain Phasma.

Han Solo OS: “more desperate”

Kylo Ren unmasks, revealing him to be crying (?), (or sweating extremely). He looks up. The shape of the horizontal eyehole of his helmet is stenciled on his face with black grime (from ashes).

Finally cut to Han Solo in a cantina-like environment. He sits at a round table with our new heroes Finn and Rey. Behind him Leia is standing, looking worrisome.
Leia on screen this time (to Rey): “I hope you understand why we came. I hope we are not to late” Rey and Finn looking at each other. Finn: “Don’t get your hopes up” Han Solo quickly replies: “Don’t worry, wasn’t planning to.”

Cue spectaculair break in music (more uplifting).

Cut to… Fast edit of Poe Dameron running through a hangar with X-Wings, shouting “Get in, get in now!”. Shot of weird alien rebel pilot that prepares for take off.

Cut to: Some kind of bar fight in cantina like environment: FInn shoots a Guavian enforcer as Rey swings 2 first order storm troopers to oblivion with her staff. Rey jumps over shoulder of Constable Zuvio, supporting on his shell-like hat, causing him to curse in alien language. Rey: “Move it egg-head”

Cut to: Hux pushes away some guy behind a control panel ( pilot of a star destroyer?) and takes control

Cut to: R2D2 and C3PO walking through a cave. R2D2 bleeps, Close up C3PO (as he watches something) C3PO responds: “Ohhh nooo!”

Cut to: Shot trooper transport (first teaser). Trooper transport door opens on Jakku (view from inside). Troopers run out into the desert.

OS Rey: “Somehow I know it’s true”

Two alien animals run through the desert landscape (with riders).

OS Rey: “Somehow I always have been ready for it.”

Cut to beautiful shot of Rey’s silhouette against the red sky of Jakku swinging her staff (think Kill Bill) as we see a double sunset (!) in the background.

On screen this time. Rey sits behind some kind of workbench. Rey: “Somehow I felt it” She looks up at Finn.

X-wings in some kind of battle above Jakku. Millenium Falcon appears. Cockpit shot: Rey shouts: “Hold on!”. Millennium Falcon goes into crashed Star Destroyer (Teaser). Falcon Shoots the tie-fighter and leaves the star destroyer gloriously. Shot inside cockpit. Rey, Finn, Chewie and Han are cheering.

-This Christmas-

Poe cheering in cockpit. New shot of X-wings flying over water. Shot inside cockpit other X-wing. Alien pilot: “You did it Poe!”

-Return to-

Han in a shoot out. He blasts some troopers. Han: “This never gets old”. Trooper appears behind Han. Rey appears and knocks him out spectacularly with her staff. Rey: “I know right”

-A galaxy far away-

Dazzling (all in one shot) segment of Kylo Ren swinging his saber in the forest environment, slashing a tree, causing it to topple over, causing Rey and Finn to jump aside, and Finn uttering: “I guess this is where the fun starts. Finn ignites blue lightsaber. Fast shot of blue and red lightsaber crashing into each other

Crash cuts to title cards.

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