Fresh Off the Boat was one of the funniest new comedies last season, but like most first season shows, I didn’t really discover it until it had been on a few months. So I’m glad the first season DVD is out now so I can see the episodes I missed, with more Constance Wu high fives. Sparkle Time Beauty Horse will never get old either.

The first season fits on a lean two disc package, since the first episode was only 13 episodes. Next year’s DVD will be a double sized box and I already can’t wait. Here, you get to see the show gradually develop its voice, with recurring gags like the high fives, and developing Louis (Randall Park)’s more outgoing bravado.

I was a bit disappointed the trivia track is only for the pilot. I wanted trivia on all the episodes! The gag reel has mistakes as random as face ants. Hopefully, the season two DVD will have more bonus features with the cast, but this is a good start.

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