The problem with the last season finale, where Oliver and Felicity quit the crime fighting biz and drive off into the sunset, is that it has to be undone in the first episode of the new season. Some other things that happened at the end of last season; Thea was kind of killed and had to be brought back in the Lazarus Pit. Oliver kidnaped Diggle’s wife. And the Atom is blown up, and is apparently dead. Though, if you saw the promo for Legends Of Tomorrow, you know that Ray Palmer is very much alive somewhere, just small.


There’s a new bad guy in town. His name is Damian Darhk and he is part of “HIVE”, but we don’t know what that is yet. He also has mystical powers and can kill with a touch, and stop arrows mid-flight. Black Canary, the new Speedy, and Diggle, fight the good fight, but they are in over their heads. So despite Diggle’s objections, Thea and Laurel go to Oliver and ask him to suit-up and help. Unfortunately, they show up just as Oliver is about to propose to Felicity. Talk about bad timing. No wedding just yet.


Starling City has been re-branded, and it is Star City now, just like in the comic books. Damian Darhk starts killing the people running the city. And Team Arrow tries to stop him. Which is easier said than done.   Everybody thinks the Arrow, revealed to be Roy Harper last season, died in a prison riot. So Oliver has to adopt a new name. And guess what it is, GREEN ARROW. (And side note, Roy Harper’s death was faked, so Arsenal could return some day.)


The one person who knows the truth, Detective Lance, isn’t happy that Oliver is back in action, and accuses him of bringing darkness to the city. And is he right? Oliver sort of believes he is. The new name also comes with a new costume, which looks like a sleeveless version of the old one. And Damian Darhk wants to find out who this Green Arrow is, so he can kill him and everyone he loves. But Detective Lance won’t tell him, or will he? Turns out the he and Mister Darhk are in cahoots.


The new high-speed train, from Central City to Star City, is making its inaugural debut. But there’s a bomb on board, thanks to Damian Darhk. And Team Arrow has to stop it before it reaches the city. And how do you stop a train, with a bomb onboard? You blow it up. Goodbye mass transit. Team Arrow sort of saves the day. But they don’t catch Darhk.


Of course this is Arrow, so we also see flashbacks. This time we find out that Oliver wore a version of the green suit, and tried to be a crime-fighter, before he returned to Starling City. Then, thanks to Amanda Waller, he ends up back on that darn island. To be continued I guess. But I, for one, am pretty tired of seeing flashbacks. They detract from the main story.


And one last thing, surprise, we flash forward six months. Oliver is at a cemetery, with tears in his eyes. He’s looking at someone’s grave, but we can’t see the name on the tombstone. The way the waterworks are flowing, my guess is that the deceased is either Thea or Felicity. What do you think?


My favorite quote this episode was spoken by Oliver Queen. “You have failed this omelet.”   And oh yeah, there was another commercial for Supergirl, even though that show will be on CBS, not the CW. What’s up with that?

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