Jay Garrett arrived on the scene at the end of last week’s episode. And in this one, he claims to be from another world, another Earth.  Professor Stein names it Earth 2, which is what this second Earth was also called in the comic books. It’s a great shout out to all DC Comic fans. And Jay Garrett also claims to be the Flash of his world. Could that be possible? Barry doesn’t think so. And it doesn’t help that Jay no longer has his super speed.


After what happened with Harrison Wells, Barry has serious trust issues, and has Jay examined inside and out. Then, when no proof is found that he is from another Earth, he locks him in the pipeline, like a last season meta-criminal. But Earth 2 is real, and the new big bad named ZOOM is importing meta-humans to kill the Flash.


Sand Demon is the name of the latest import from Earth 2. His body is made of a living sand that he can manipulate any way he wants. But he mostly uses his ability to make a huge sand fist that he can punch with or choke you out with. Sand Demon catches Barry off-guard and almost kills him, but he escapes, running away to fight another day.


Zoom promised that if Sand Demon kills the Flash, he would send him back home to Earth 2. So he devises a plan. Sand Demon kidnaps tenacious Patty Spivot, the rookie cop that’s been bugging Joe to join his meta-human task force. He knows the Flash will come after her. Then he’ll kill the Flash while he’s distracted saving Spivot from a percussion bomb. And it’s a good plan, but Barry and the gang can’t find Sand Demon’s new liar.


That’s where Cisco’s new power comes into play. He can touch bits of the sand collected from the crime scene to get a VIBE, or a vision. He can see things that have already happened. So he goes into a little trance and sees Sand Demon’s recent past, which includes his location, and the fact that he just made a percussion bomb. Then Cisco tells the gang, but keeps his new ability a secret. Though Stein figures it out.


With Spivot’s life on the line, Barry finally decides to trust Jay Garrett, allowing him to help find a way to defeat Sand Demon. He teaches Barry how to throw lightening.  That’s a cool new ability.  They do the team-up thing, and bring San Demon down and rescue Patty Spivot. Yeah! But now, the heroes seem to be killing off the evil meta-humans instead of imprisoning them. Is that a good thing?  Anyway, now we have two versions of the Flash on this Earth, one with super speed and one without.


By the end of the episode we learn a few things: 1) There are 52 breeches/portals throughout the city that Zoom can use to travel between worlds. 2) There is sexual tension between Caitlin and Jay, which is weird because her husband just died last episode. 3) The loss of Ronnie is a big problem for Professor Stein, even if Caitlin appears to be over him too soon. 4) Iris has a mother and she’s alive and back in town. And 5) There is a version of Harrison wells on Earth 2 that may or may not be evil. Stay tuned!!!!

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