This episode is about the evolution of the villain known as Firefly. An Arson, turned killer, who uses a flamethrower as her weapon of choice. And yes, I did say her.   We also find out why Galavan is so mean. He’s out for revenge against the Wayne family, for a wrong they did to his family generations ago.  But since the adult Waynes are already dead, he sets his sights on Bruce Wayne, whom he plans to kill.


The episode starts with Penguin begging Galavan and his Sister, for the return of Penguin’s Mother. She was kidnapped last week, and Galavan is using her to control the Penguin. Needless to say, Penguin’s pleas fall on deaf ears. Galavan, instead, gives him a list of the places he wants burned to the ground.


Theo Galavan pays Jim Gordon a visit at the station. Still pretending to be coy, he asks Jim for a Mayoral endorsement. Jim refuses, not wanting any involvement in politics. Then Jim, and his Strike Force, move in on a money laundering facility run by the Penguin. They arrest everyone inside, and confiscate all the money they find, and it’s a lot. This really pisses Penguin off. But he doesn’t have time to deal with it because he has buildings to burn down for Theo Galavan.


Penguin sends his lackey to find the best Arsonists in Gotham. And he has to enlist the aid of Selina to get in good with them. The best Arsonists in Gotham are three brothers, and Selina knows their timid sister, Bridget. They agree to do the job. But when the smaller of the trio goes out to buy supplies at the local black-market weapons and supply shop, Jim Gordon blows him up in a police raid. It’s an accidental of course, but he’s still way dead. So the remaining two brothers bully Bridget into taking his place on the team.


Bridget gets burned on the first job, but she still keeps it together and pulls off four more jobs. By the end of the night, she is addicted to the thrill of it, and likes fire. The next morning, Bridget makes herself a fireproof suit to wear. It’s an important asset in her new line of work. She tests it out that night, on their next job, and is given a flamethrower to use this time. But before she can burn down the building, the police show up. Her brothers abandon her.  Bridget is grabbed from behind by a police officer on Jim’s Strike Force, and sets him on fire. Becoming a cop killer.


And that’s how you create a new villain. Selina helps Bridget aka Firefly escape, which totally infuriates Jim Gordon. In fact, Jim is so upset by the death of the young officer, he agrees to endorse Galavan, if he’ll support the police and their new war on crime, once he’s Mayor. Galavan agrees of course, still pretending to be a good guy.


Galavan appears to be unstoppable, but the Penguin devises a plan to bring him down from the inside. He really wants his Mommy back. Penguin’s plan is to send his lackey to join Galavan, claiming that he and Penguin had a falling out. And to make it appear authentic, Penguin hacks off one his hands.   YIKES, talk about taking one for the team. But will Penguin’s plan work? Stay tuned.


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