Bloodsucking Bastards Blu-ray Review

Now on Blu-ray
Now on Blu-ray

Bloodsucking Bastards has a fun twist on both the vampire movie and the office comedy. What if the A-hole new bosses were actually deadly creatures?

Even before the bloodletting, Bastards’ take on office politics is clever. Inappropriate innuendo takes twist. When office politics meets vampire lore, it’s even more scathingly satirical.

The characters’ absurd reaction to violence is refreshing too, especially when Fran Kranz reacts to a kill in a bathroom stall. The film’s take on staking a vampire offers something we haven’t seen before too.

The film looks great on Blu-ray. Even the drab office setting shines in HD. It is a low budget movie shot in an office, but it looks clear and sharp, also highlighting the wonderful detail in all the gore.

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