Recently, Netflix hast started getting more and more invested in anime, which is just wonderful for anime fans like myself. The Seven Deadly Sins  has to be one best series I’ve watched recently. It looks like Netflix  Now has another one to add to the catalog. Case Closed, or Detective Conan, is on Netflix right now. Don’t get too excited.  Netflix only has episodes #748 – 799. What a weird place to start, right?

If you have never heard of Detective Conan, you seem to be missing out. A high school student named Jimmy Kudo occasionally helps out the cops in solving cases. One day while investing a case, he is attacked by a group of people known as the Black Organization. They force feed him an “Experimental Poison”. Instead of killing him, this poison transforms Jimmy into a kid. He takes up the name of Conan Edogawa and ends up living with his friend Rachel Moore and her father Richard, who is coincidentally a Private detective. Throughout the series, he tags along with Richard on his cases. And when he can solve them, Jimmy (Conan) will knockout Richard so he is asleep and will impersonate him over the phone to reveal the solution.

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I like to call myself a watcher of anime and player of video games. I've been a fan of anime all my life and will give any type a chance. The same goes for video games, but I find myself playing fighting games more often than others.

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