Gather ’round kids. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was this company called Major League Gamer, otherwise known as MLG. What MLG did was host Call of Duty and StarCraft 2 tournaments around the world. For the most part, MLG was successful with their endeavors, until recently. You see, when something successful comes along, that creates competition, and along came ESL. The Electronic Sports League. Back in October, Major League Gaming¬†lost the rights to Call of Duty World League’s Pro division to ESL. Even before that, Major League Gaming was forced to seek out debt financing for $6 Million to meet its financial obligations.

well, it looks like Major League Gaming will no longer have to worry about any of that because, according to esportsobserver, Major League Gaming have sold all their assets to Activision Blizzard. The sale price? A whopping $46 Million, in cash. Many people are up in arms about it because the move was done without stockholder input and no stockholder meeting. ¬†What does this mean? Well, for one, many believe that most of the money is going to go towards paying off MLG’s remaining debts, leaving little for the remaining stockholders. A couple questions are left unanswered now. What will become of MLG? Can we expect anything to come out of this purchase from Activision Blizzard? What about that arena Major League Announced they were building in china? I guess only time will tell now.

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