So there I was scrolling through my YouTube Subscription box when I see a new video by Markiplier which struck me quite odd since the title was Hacked by Ourmine Team. After jumping to the video and, enjoying the song a little, all the description had was a link to the OurMine twitter account. From what I can tell, this group has been going around and hacking YouTube accounts, Skype accounts, Minecraft accounts and have attacked PSN and twitter. As far as their goal, I’m not too sure. They have said multiple times that if they owners of the accounts want them back, they should follow them on twitter and DM them. With 98k followers, I’m not to sure what to expect from them. Just another reminder to always have multiple passwords.

Edit: The video was shortly deleted last night, but it seems these people are not giving up as they have posted another video from Markipliers Youtube again. 

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