Do you have a high end gaming PC rig like me but need better read/write speeds for your hard-drive? Then look no further than OCZ’s new heavy hitting solid state drive that they just added to it’s lineup with the REVODRIVE 400. This M.2 drive comes mounted on a PCIe board and uses the new NVMe 1.1b protocol for reduced latency and better performance versus SATA drives. OCZ also stated that they won’t be putting any kind of warning label or restriction on the drive itself, so users will be free to pop off the M.2 chip and stick it in a new motherboard with an M.2 slot that supports x4 PCIe speeds, or you can leave it on the board and use a standard PCIe slot.

We don’t have any information on the pricing details or the release date yet, but since the RevoDrive 400 is up there in specs among the likes of the M.2 Samsung 950 Pro, we can expect it to be fairly similar. You’ll also be able to buy the RevoDrive with or without the PCIe board in storage spaces of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. OCZ will also ship it with a small thermal pad for those concerned about toasty temperatures.

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