Loved this Diggle-centric episode. But first-things-first, Felicity’s new codename is… “Overwatch!” Everyone thought it might be Oracle, but it’s not. But Oliver does mention that the name Oracle is already taken. Which is comic-geek cool. And just in case you missed it, like I did. Diggle’s codename is “Spartan.” So we now have Green Arrow, Speedy, Black Canary, Spartan, and Overwatch. Plus whatever Roy calls himself when he makes a return visit. And yes, he is coming back for a visit. In the comics, Roy becomes “Arsenal.” But we’ll just have to wait and see that happens.


This episode is all about the Diggle Brothers, even the flashback. John Diggle has been keeping his brother Andy in a cage for the last few episodes. First he discovered that Andy wasn’t dead, like he was told. Then he found out that Andy converted to the dark side, and was working as a ghost for Damian Darhk. It was kind of a ‘good-news-bad news’ thing.   But Andy grew up making bad choices. So John convinced him to join the army, to straighten him out. That’s what we find out in the flashback. They served together, and John really thought he was coming around. But Andy was just play-acting for John’s benefit. In reality he was dealing drugs and got caught up in an evil organization known as; ShadowSpire.

Coincidentally, John Diggle and his wife Lyla run afoul of ShadowSpire when they are ambushed walking home from an evening out. A former associate of Lyla’s from A.R.G.U.S. stops the couple to ask for their help, but then he’s promptly kidnapped and thrown into the back on a black van. Don’t you hate when that happens? It’s a real mood killer. John and Lyla go back to A.R.G.U.S. and report everything to Amanda Waller. That’s when she mentions that there are still two members of that team still out there. And that’s where team Arrow comes into play.

Green Arrow, Canary, and Speedy go out and track down the two missing agents. But unfortunately when they find them, they are already dead. As is the initial agent who contacted Lyla and Diggle.  And surprise, his eye has been spooned out of his skull. What does it all mean? Nobody knows. That’s why John ends up turning to Andy, who’s had experience with ShadowSpire. And for once, he agrees to help.

Felicity is at home having a pity party. She can’t walk and pretty much quit the team, feeling useless. That’s when an old friend drops by for a visit. It’s her Goth past self. Yeah, she’s hallucinating. And Dark Felicity isn’t very nice, taunting her about her life choices. She’s losing it, and while Oliver wants to help, this appears to be a personal demon that Felicity has to deal with herself. Good thing our girl is strong enough to pull herself together. She fights her depression and wins, realizing that she still has a lot to contribute. And this banishes her demon, allowing her to move forward, becoming OverWatch.

ShadowSpire is still out there creating havoc. So team Arrow teams up with Amanda Waller to bring them down. But no one believes Andy when he tells them that the latest Intel they have is a misdirect. And while Green Arrow, Speedy, and Black Canary stake out the wrong locale, ShadowSpire surprises everyone. They use the spooned out eyeball to fool the retina scan and break into A.R.G.U.S., taking Amanda Waller and Lyla hostage.

Andy Diggle knows the head of ShadowSpire. That was established in the flashback. So he’s quick to join back up again to reclaim his past glory. He rats out his brother, foiling John Diggle’s rescue attempt. And John gets a bit of a beat down, then is brought in to use as a bargaining chip. It looks like Amanda Waller will not cooperate. So she’s shot in the head, leaving Lyla. And they are pretty confident that she’ll tell them what they want to know to save her husband John’s life.

But as it turns out, Andy didn’t turn on his brother after all. It was all part of John Diggle’s plan. And with the help of team Arrow, John and Andy are able to surprise and overpower their captors, and save Lyla. And now that Andy has proven himself, he’s free, and he’s invited to stay with John and Lyla. Plus, for the first time, he gets to meet his niece Sara. How touching. (And I mean that) But to go back to a plot point that deserves more attention. Amanda Waller was shot in the head. She’s dead. What does that mean for A.R.G.U.S.? Will Lyla go back and lead the organization now that her callous former boss is out of the picture? Stay tuned!

Note: In DC Comics, Lyla Michaels becomes the superhero “Harbringer.” Now I doubt that this version of the character will get super powers. But she may get the cool nickname if she becomes the head of A.R.G.U.S. But we’ll have to wait and see.


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